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Ballet News - June. 2010
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Ballet News

June, 2010

In 2006, American Ballet Theatre (ABT) was named American’s National Ballet Training Company, by an Act of Congress. As a result, ABT began building a National Training Curriculum.

Spring 2007, Lincoln Center New York, Professor Hook attended ABT’s first Alumni reunion and enjoyed a celebratory bow on stage at the Metropolitan Opera House. It was announced at the reunion, that ABT would create a National Training Curriculum (NTC).

Summer 2008, Professor Hook participated in ABT-NTC’s West Coast Training Program. After completing the intensive training and successfully passing the comprehensive examination, Professor Hook became an ABT-NTC Certified Instructor.

Please view ABT’s website and Professor Hook’s Student Resources for ABT-NTC’s teacher/student guidelines.

ABT’s website

I) ABT-NTC’s Training Guidelines
II) The Ten Principals of Classical Ballet
III) The Seven Movements of Dance “PERGSET”
IV) “BALANCE” By Richard Glasstone

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